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/kɔrt/ суд

They took Jacob to court for breaking the contract.

2. корт (спортивный)

3. (королевский) двор

Sharapova , who spent 10 months off court with a shoulder injury that needed s

tea , and introduced it to the royal court . Just as people today will copy cel

example , the ball is lighter , the court is bigger and netball has seven play

o its residents , including a tennis court , a jogging track , a swimming pool

00:12:50 - Hello, and welcome to day one of the championships,

00:12:52 - where the players are meeting on center court today...

Wimbledon (2004)

00:26:00 - Queen of England.

00:26:03 - A court to worship you.

00:26:06 - A country to obey you.

Elizabeth (1998)